testimonials for devon dennis coaching


"I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Devon. Her insight, understanding and compassion create a welcoming environment where one can feel comfortable opening up and feeling related to. She takes both a practical and intuitive approach when assisting others. I find this to be a valuable resource for anyone. She is bright, full of life and light with thought provoking ideas. She isn't afraid to approach any situation with her all, and with grace. Devon is bold and allows her energy to flow and exchange with another's while remaining humble. I felt listened to and connected with on all levels. I would recommend Devon to anyone who wants a real world approach with a flare of brilliant spirituality. She is extremely gifted!"
- Chandra M.

"When I had the privilege of being coached by Devon, two things really stood out about her approach: her insight into aspects of the situation I was not able to see and her ability to allow me to quickly work things out, just by listening. I had two pivotal transitions while working with Devon.  One was personal and the other related to the business I run, and I continue to reap the financial rewards from that decision to this day.  I highly recommend working with Devon to assist you with your goals!" - JoyGenea S. 

"Devon was able to draw out of me a desire and willingness to change my life in matters that I had long suppressed.  She was cuddling at times but was also able to address my reluctance forcefully at others. Her disposition was always cheerful and supportive, but I learned that she was totally focused on my getting the most out of my program. This young lady is wise and understanding beyond her years." - Joe C.

"Devon was an absolute joy to work with. She has an amazing ability to listen, and I was able to produce incredible results just out of getting coaching from her 30 minutes each week. She is someone who cares deeply about other people and is very reliable and intuitive. Her positive, upbeat energy always had me looking forward to our coaching calls. I would often finish the calls in a completely new realm for what was possible for the community project I was working on. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to organize a record level of attendance in Minneapolis' LGBTQ Volleyball league and start to break down barriers of inclusion in the league. I would recommend Devon as a coach to anyone!" - Andy S.



"I am thankful to Devon for making our wedding day so perfect! We absolutely loved the time and thoughtfulness that she dedicated to our ceremony. She took our story and added some spice to keep it personal and just right for our day. We couldn't imagine any other way to start our married life together." - Brad & Erin B.



"Devon guided me through a really wonderful hypnotherapy session to help me release some resistance that prevented me from embracing the present moment in various circumstances. She guided me to find a source of trust, and a feeling of connection, and she helped me set things up during the hypnosis so that I could access that state at any time I needed it in the future. The visualization she invoked was powerful, and included an experience on a beach where I felt calmness and sunlight integrated with me. To this day I still benefit from that session. Devon is amazing!"

- Adam R.