celebrations by devon dennis

Choosing the right person to conduct a ceremony around a sacred milestone is an important decision. Whether it’s the blessing of a new baby, the joining of two hearts in marriage, the passage of a beloved spirit from this life to the next, or any other significant moment in your human experience, it is my intention to partner with you and make sure that you and your loved ones get to honor and celebrate in a way that truly reflects your needs, values, and preferences.

My training as an ordained celebrant is highly inclusive and trans-denominational, meaning that I hold the utmost reverence for the life-affirming aspects of all paths. Whether you are deeply rooted in your spirituality or simply interested in creating something which will showcase your unique character, I am committed to delivering a ceremony that is a perfect match for what matters most to YOU!

wedding ceremony minneapolis by devon dennis

When you book your ceremony with me, you’ll have two options:


Pricing: $200

·  Consultation + ceremony questionnaire

·  Resources for vows, readings, rituals etc.

·  One draft and revision of your ceremony script

·  Delivery of the final ceremony


Pricing: $250
(may include any or all of of the following)

·  In person consultation + ceremony questionnaire
·  Resources for vows, readings, rituals etc. (custom creation + writing support available)
·  Unlimited drafts and revisions of your ceremony script
·  A rehearsal
·  Delivery of the final ceremony


*If this is a wedding ceremony, I will also be signing the marriage license.


When you go with the Custom Package, you can expect my full support in writing or selecting ceremony details such as:

⁃  Rites and Rituals
⁃  Commitments and Vows
⁃  Prayers, Poems, and Passages
⁃  Themes, Stories, and Symbols
⁃  Music, Location, and More

I look forward to helping you create an absolutely beautiful ceremony
that is representative of who you are in every way!