Private coaching and hypnotherapy

Have you ever learned about the
birthing process of a star?

It all starts inside of a nebula, or a gaseous cloud, and it takes an immense amount of heat, pressure, and patience to produce the necessary conditions for the star to finally be born.

Coaching and hypnotherapy are two incredible ways to provide yourself with a supportive and empowering container of your own, to begin embracing the questions, challenges, and desires that will arise as you grow through a prolific time of transition or transformation in your life.


My objective is to make sure that you get the most of your metamorphosis and find yourself thriving on the other side!


To get there, we will co-create a unique plan of action that is an authentic match for who you are! This personalized plan is designed to keep you feeling nourished, inspired, and focused at every step of the way. 

It’s up to you to decide whether a coaching program or a hypnotherapy + coaching program will serve you best. There are big benefits to both paths! I love chatting with people about the many ways that these services can impact their lives, so please contact me with any questions you may have about either of these catalyzing opportunities.

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Private Coaching by Devon

Private Coaching: $200/month

·   Free phone or in-person consultation (15 minutes)
·   A personalized plan of action that speaks to your needs,

    personality, and preferences
·   Three 60-minute coaching sessions in person or
    via video chat per month
·   Take home tools + activities to compliment your
    goals and objectives
·   Consistent phone and e-mail support throughout

*$60 / single clarity session available

devon dennis ventures and coaching
hypnotherapy and private coaching

 Hypnotherapy & Private Coaching: $300/month

·   Free phone or in-person consultation (15 minutes)
·   Three 60-minute hypnotherapy sessions in person or via video chat per month
·   Customized hypnosis scripts with words and images that are meaningful to you
·   Option to add aromatherapy and soothing music to deepen each session
·   Take home hypnosis recording
·   Two 30-minute coaching calls between sessions

*$90 / single clarity session available


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