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Group coaching for recovering escape artists by devon dennis

For most of us, the term escape artist conjures up images of magicians like Harry Houdini, who was famous for breaking free from suspended straight-jackets and wild tangles of chains. If we’re totally honest with ourselves, the list of escape artists might also include you, me, and anybody else who has learned a few magic tricks to numb or avoid certain aspects of reality.

Did you know that only about 33% of Americans report being satisfied with their lives? But what about everyone else?

Unfortunately, most of us are stuck in a cycle of chasing pleasure and avoiding pain while attempting distract ourselves from the uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that arise when we get quiet and still.  

We often turn to things like technology, shopping, food, alcohol, sex, toxic relationships, and fixed ideas about what we should/shouldn’t and can/can’t do to try and avoid the responsibility of owning our own truths.





Escape Artists Alliance is a powerful coaching solution for the 67% brought to you by Neal Cole and myself for anyone who is ready to slow down, get present, and start consciously creating a life they love inside of a vibrant community of support.

Our group takes a unique and untraditional approach to personal development by treating growth and goal achievement like a game. This is NOT your typical coaching group! Expect some exciting challenges, rewards, and surprises on the road to self-discovery and success.

 Together, we’ll uncover and resolve any fears, obstacles, or limiting beliefs that are in your way of experiencing authentic joy, freedom, and fulfillment in every area of your life, and we’ll have an absolute blast while we do it!



Contact me for more information about joining one of our Escape Artists Alliance groups. Your $60/week investment includes both a two-hour group session AND a 30-minute private coaching call with either Neal or myself. We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to introducing you to the outstanding individuals who will soon become part of your team.